AMLO inaugurates road infrastructure in Durango

“In the year 2022 residents of Durango and Sinaloa will have the Durango-Culiacán highway axis that will be concluded by the federal government with an investment of up to 1 billion pesos”, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced on Tuesday, Feb. 25 in Durango.

On tour of the state of Durango, where he inaugurated the Sahuatenipa bridge which benefits more than 100 thousand inhabitants of six municipalities, the president said that this work will continue, which implies a total investment of approximately two billion pesos, and the road will go across the Sierra Madre Occidental and connect the states of Durango and Sinaloa.

“It’s 12 kilometers and nine bridges, so it takes time, but in 2022 I will return to inaugurate the second phase, I will leave from Santiago Papasquiaro and I will cross the entire mountain range, all the way to Tamazula. That is my commitment. ” AMLO said.

Also present at the inauguration, the head of the Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT), Javier Jiménez Espriú, said that 90 percent of the contracts signed in the state have been obtained by local companies, which boosts the regional development and economic activity.

He said that the work delivered is the fulfillment of a promise that the President of Mexico made one year ago to Duranguenses, and the project will continue with the Los Herrera-Tamazula highway, in which 240 million pesos will be invested this year.

El puente Sahuatenipa beneficia a más de 100 mil habitantes de seis municipios de Durango

Puente Sahuatenipa

Infrastructure and Development in Durango

In presence of governor José Rosas Aispuro Torres, Jiménez Espriú stressed that this year an investment of over one billion pesos will be allocated to the state of Durango, which will allow works on federal roads to continue: Durango-Hidalgo del Parral, in the Guadalupe Aguilera-Entronque San Juan del Río section; Durango-Gómez Palacio on the Cuencamé-Gómez Palacio section, and Durango-Parral on the San Juan del Río-Matamoros section.

“Durango is making a huge effort in the conservation of roads under the responsibility of the SCT, which last year allowed the federal toll-free network to be significantly improved”, Jimenez Espriu said.

Jiménez Espriú said that this year 308 million pesos will be invested in the conservation of the road networks, and reported that since January 2nd, this road is in full activity.

En el presente año se dedicará a Durango una inversión superior a los mil millones de pesos

Puente Sahuatenipa

Puente Sahuatenipa: Camino Los Herrera-Tamazula

In turn, the State Under Secretary of Infrastructure, Cedric Iván Escalante Sauri, highlighted that 31.2 million pesos were invested in the Sahuatenipa Bridge, on the Los Herrera-Tamazula Road, and the project will benefit 105,670 inhabitants of the municipalities of Santiago Papasquiaro, Topia, Tepehuanes, Canelas and Tamazula.

The road is located on the Durango-Culiacán Highway Axis, at kilometer 257, Los Herrera-Tamazula, municipality of Tamazula, Durango, and will allow an average annual daily traffic of 550 vehicles at a speed of 40 kilometers per hour.

The construction work, which generated 75 direct and 300 indirect jobs, is located in the town of Sahuatenipa, with a length of 0.12 kilometers plus accesses, with a width of 9.1 meters including sidewalks, depth of 12 meters and one lane in each direction.

Interstate Axis Durango-Culiacán Camino Los Herrera-Tamazula

For its part, the modernization of the Interstate Axis Durango-Culiacán Camino Los Herrera-Tamazula, will have during this year an investment of 930 million pesos for the of 12.54 kilometers stretch, and 230 million pesos for nine bridges, with a goal of 7.22 kilometers, in process. In the year 2019, a total of 239.2 million pesos were invested in the modernization of 11.04 kilometers.

Puente Sahuatenipa

It is located within the Durango-Culiacán road axis, at km 257 of the Los Herrera-Tamazula road, in the municipality of Tamazula, Durango.

  • Length of 0.12 km plus access, with a width of 9.1 m, including sidewalks; the accesses have surface foundation stirrups, and the piles with column piles (pilasters) at a depth of 12 m.
  • Population benefited: 105,670 inhabitants of the municipalities of Santiago Papasquiaro, Topia, Tepehuanes, Otáez, Canelas and Tamazula.
  • Total investment: 31.2 million pesos
  • Annual average daily traffic (TDPA): 550 vehicles per day.
  • Speed: 40km / hr
  • Lanes: 1 per direction
  • Driveway width: 7 m
  • Height: 11.50 m
  • Hydraulic expenditure: 82 m3 / sec

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