Snowfalls cover great part of Durango, Mexico

This Wednesday, February 5, the state of Durango reports snowfall in 5 municipalities.

The National Water Commission, through its Meteorological Service said that the five municipalities affected are:

Guanaceví: La Rosilla, Lajas and Ciénega de la Vaca.
Tepehuanes: The Atascosa, El Tarahumara, El Gato and Ciénega de Caballos.
Topia: The Torance.
Otáez: Municipal Head.
Tamazula: The Peach.

The low temperatures register -4 degrees Celsius (24 Farenheit). Authorities are alert to face this storm, since in addition to the cold, the wind exceeds 70 km / h, which puts the population at risk due to the objects that are dragged and blown away.

Civil Protection of the State personal deployed road control operations, on roads and highways to assist drivers, since visibility conditions were minimal and the pavement was totally covered in ice.

It is evident that cars in Mexico are not equipped to transit in this type of road conditions.

The Mazatlan Post