France does the work that AMLO refused to do: rescues from Wuhan 10 Mexicans

The French government did what Mexico refused to do: it rescued 10 Mexicans who were in Wuhan, the epicenter of the coronavirus epidemic in China.

According to official sources, that country signed a plane in which it repatriated 250 people, including 10 Mexicans and 65 French. The plane landed this Sunday at the military airport of Istres, southern France.

People of 30 different nationalities traveled on the plane. The returnees will be kept in quarantine for 14 days at a fire training center near the airport.

So far it is unknown what the Mexicans had to do to get the French government to rescue them after Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard had refused to do so, who said it was very costly to send a plane for the nationals.

Now it is not known if Mexicans repatriated by France will also remain in quarantine or be sent to the country on a commercial flight.


The Mazatlan Post